Commercial Law
We take care of a company from the stage of its establishment, both in Greece and abroad, drafting the articles of association according to the needs and objectives of the partners and selecting the appropriate seat for it, as well as all the procedures for the creation of the necessary bank accounts. We also provide advice, litigation and out-of-court representation in matters of mergers, acquisitions and demergers of companies.
Bankruptcy Law
For many years, we have been handling corporate reorganization and bankruptcy matters. In this context, with external partners (chartered accountants, economists, tax advisors), we are determined to find the best possible solution for the settlement of debts, as well as negotiations with the creditors of companies.
Criminal Law
With particular specialization in Financial Crimes (tax evasion, fraud, money laundering/legalization of proceeds from illegal activities, infidelity), we undertake the legal representation  of our clients a from the stage of the preliminary investigation, the main interrogation, before the competent Councils and the Criminal Courts, of all levels, throughout Greece and abroad and before the Supreme Court. We also undertake the civil action for offences committed against our clients.
Civil Law
We handle family law cases, such as divorce, child custody and child support, property law cases, such as actions in rem, property law, tenancy disputes, car accident lawsuits and inheritance law.
Labour Law
We handle labour law cases (labour disputes both out of court and in the competent courts) and claims for compensation due to industrial accidents.
Administrative Law
We handle administrative law cases such as tax matters and disputes with social security institutions, before Councils and Administrative Courts of all levels as well as before the Council of State. Also, applications for annulment, appeals and actions before the competent Administrative Courts.
Banking Law
Banking Contracts, Protection of Principals from Abusive general terms of exchange
Real estate Law
Real estate sales, real estate construction and exploitation contracts, real estate brokerage contracts, search at land registries and mortgage offices.
Sports Law
We represent our clients in sports courts and disciplinary committees, sports contracts and appeals of athletes and coaches.
Investments - Golden Visa
Providing advice and legal support on the entire process related to any type of investment activity, such as the inclusion in development laws, obtaining Golden Visa, etc. etc.
Intellectual and Industrial Property Law
Providing registration services, protection and licensing of all industrial and intellectual property rights. Registration of trademarks at national and worldwide level, as well as patents. Representation of our clients in the registration and securing of such rights at the EU level as well.